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Visitor Information

Hazen's   Notch   Association
Bringing People Together to Conserve Vermont's Natural Resources
  ________________  Locator Map  _______________

P.O. Box 478, Montgomery Center  VT   05471     (802) 326-4799

This map is intended to help locate trailhead parking and related facilities.  Obtain detailed trail maps at visitor information sites indicated by the parking symbol [P].  All lands and parking areas depicted on this map are private property.  Please observe all signs.  Copyright © 2001 Hazen's Notch Association.  Cartography by: D. Saborowski / R. Anderson / D. Lorme.

Directions:  (From Montgomery Center)

Bear Paw Pond Area (HNA Summer Camp) - 1 Mile East of Montgomery Center on South side of Hazen's Notch Road.  Park in first parking area on right.

HNA Office (Welcome Center) - 1.4 Miles East of Montgomery Center on North side of Hazen's Notch Road.  Park in parking area just past the grey building, at right angle to road.

High Ponds Farm - 2.0 Miles East of Montgomery Center on Hazen's Notch Road; turn right (south) on to Rossier Road.  Follow 0.5 mile to end of road.  Parking area on left.


Hazenís Notch Association, Post Office Box 478, Montgomery Center VT 05471
T: (802) 326-4799
E: info@hazensnotch.org  ~  W: www.hazensnotch.org

Copyright 2001-2012 Hazen's Notch Association for the Environment, Inc.
 Map copyright Hazen's Notch Association 2001-2012,  All Rights Reserved.
 Map produced by Derek Saborowski, and Rolf Anderson.
This page was last updated January 26, 2012.