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Hazen's   Notch   Association

Children's Summer Nature & Adventure Day & Resident Camp

Hazen's Notch Summer Camp 



Welcome to Hazen's Notch Summer Camp 2020!

   We are really looking forward to the 2020 Summer Camp at the Hazen's Notch Association - our 27th year ! It is always good to see so many campers returning year after year, excited to be renewing friendships, revisiting favorite places and expanding their knowledge of their environment. With each summer we are happy to welcome new campers to Hazen's Notch. We're proud of the camp philosophy that we have created over the years that nurtures the individual as part of an inclusive and supportive group.

   The Hazen's Notch Summer Camp has gained a reputation for excellence in developing in children an awareness and respect for the environment, outdoor skills, self-confidence, cooperation and leadership. Summer Camp programs provide healthy outdoor recreational activities designed to stimulate inquiring minds, develop friendships, and create lasting positive memories of each child's summer camp experience.





Photograph by Rolf Anderson   Campers make new friends in an atmosphere of good will, sharing and common outdoor interests. Experienced outdoor educators guide campers through a creative program of learning that matches the children's own curiosity and wonder of the natural world with special places and themes that fit each age group's different perspective. We get to know each child as an individual and encourage all campers to respect each other's uniqueness, as we respect them.

   We are very proud of the growing number of mature, intelligent and responsible young people we feel privileged to have taught. Each year more campers and other fine young people come forward and volunteer their time and energy in service to the Hazen's Notch Association. These generous acts of stewardship show that campers are indeed acquiring a sense of ownership of the organization that exists to serve them and others. Their experiences at Hazen's Notch are, we believe, creating a sense of place for each child: a strong positive reference point that should serve them well in the future.

   Thank you so much for all the camp has done for our two daughters - they have really loved Hazen's Notch. It's such a beautiful place that is so special. See you next summer.

   - Pixita del Prado Hill, New York



      For complete information see Summer Camp:  Activities

      For the dates of the 2020 camp sessions see:  Schedule

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This page was last updated on January 12, 2020

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